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Dirty Pop with Lance Bass
Blog dedicated to Lance Bass, former *NSYNC member.
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Just something about you. The way I’m lookin at you whatever, you keep lookin at me. You gettin scared now, right? Don’t fear me baby, it’s just destiny.

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Sassy Justin | #JT2020Tour in Zurich, Switzerland @ Hallenstadion day 1| 4.14.14 


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Favorite rendition. Hands down. Whether from the Atlantis or the Pop Odyssey concert, I wish they’d sung “This I Promise You” this way every time.

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— I seriously can’t watch the Nsync reunion.


As soon as Justin says you asked for it, I go into full fangirl mode. It ain’t cute.


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omg my dashboard just did a thing!


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All my life I’ve dreamed of a princess all dressed in white standing there to be my bride and then there’s you, a sending from heaven right before my eyes letting me know that there is a God somewhere I know. I love how loving you makes me feel and I love how loving you feels so real, through the good through the bad, when I’m happy or sad I’d rather be loving you than anything else in the world ♥

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